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Mid-Year Meeting -After discussion with the CNYBA Leadership Team, we decided to try to have three different meetings for fellowship opportunity in three different locations instead of one mid-year meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend any or all of the meetings. Chris Collett is working on a date for the first one at Open Bible Fellowship in Candor, hopefully in May. The other two get-togethers will likely be upstate. More to come on this.

“CNYBA Builders” associational building team is an idea I’ve been praying about. As church building needs arise, it would be great to have a list of skilled folks that could be contacted to help with the work join in the fun! And maybe they’d invite their lost friend to come along to help. Multiple times, I have seen God use a work project situation to draw in unbelievers. In the midst of constructing or destructing something, guys can feel a bit more at ease. While working side by side you get to know one another on a different level. Perhaps you’d be willing to help me identify those within your church family who are willing to share their skills with the Association, for God’s glory! The CNYBA leadership team liked the idea. Maybe I could make up a form to help you gather the info. We currently have a couple possibilities to start….a pavilion at West Hill, Ithaca and an entryway extension at Bible Baptist, Oswego.

Do you have a written brief history of your church?  Whether you're church is brand new or decades old, I'd like to add it's story to our CNYBA website. Knowing these details helps us to know each other better and enriches the experience that a visitor has at the website. We have a great heritage! This is another way to know and show our interconnectedness and to tell the many ways God has been at work in our midst. 

I'm trying to contact you all to see if you have any specific plans for evangelism. Although limited, we have some funds available to help with your evangelism/outreach efforts. It'd be great if you could call, text or email me about this!

Click to view the latest Peru mission update from the Martins. 

Praise the Lord! Resulting from her attending the CNYBA Colligate training in February, Nancy Gaiser sent this out to her group: "Our God is an awesome God!  I cannot wait to gather together to share ideas for Campus Care at SUNY Morrisville. Our first meeting will be held on Saturday, April 24th at 9 am at Faith Baptist Church.  Devon Bartholomew will be coming to share with us what he does at Syracuse University and help us get started.  Be in prayer before the meeting about the role God may have for you in all of this, and that God would open up the campus for us to be able to minister there.  We know He is at work and is asking us to join Him."

Steve Sallis, pastor of Bible Baptist in Oswego, shared they recently held a men's and boys breakfast that was well attended and they were glad to meet several new folks! 

Bill Lower, pastor of West Hill Community Church, shared a good idea…He said instead of having VBS at the church, they had it in a community building near where a lot of kids live.  In this way, they were able to minister and share the Gospel with lots of unchurched kids! 

North Fenton Baptist Chapel is hosting a Ladies Conference presented by Northside's Women's Ministry team, next weekend, the 24th, from 3 to 6pm. Those interested in participating please call Judy at 607 206 9049 by April 20.

Summit Church in Cazenovia, where Dan Schallmo is pastor, is putting together an evangelism strategy which includes improving their equipment used in their online ministry.  They also have a feeding ministry! They have joined with local businesses and churches to offer a weekly meal and friendship. So cool!  We met for lunch on 4/15 and enjoyed some fellowship and catching up. 

Kristen LaVallie is planning to lead a training for those wanting to get better at witnessing to Muslims. I'll send you the date for this soon.  We're also working on a date for a Disaster Relief Training.  

I was recently contacted by Rahab Refuge Ministries"Refuge, Hope & Freedom for Sex Trafficking Victims"  This newly founded non-profit, based in Wampsville, is seeking churches in central NY to help them get this Christ-centered ministry promoted and funded. They have volunteer opportunities also. Is there someone in your church you need to pass this info on to? Thank you!  For more info, please contact

Free study books and dvds.  If you have interest in any of the studies pictured, please text Linda at 315-941-972three

3/17- I was honored to speak at a NAMB Send Network Gathering at Northside Baptist Church, where Bruce Aubrey is pastor.  Tim Bissell led. The theme was “Running Into The Harvest.”  My assignment was to speak on Gospel Proclamation and Discipleship.

On 3/21, Lance and I visited the River of Joy Baptist Church, Jamestown, where Yong Rhee is pastor, to troubleshoot their sound system there.  William Norum, another Crosspointer who helps with the sound system, also came along to help. Together, several problems got solved!  Praise the Lord!

3/25 Met with Lary Hyde over lunch for fellowship and to discuss CNYBA plans, etc.

3/29 A Military Chaplin contacted me needing a place to stay while attending Syracuse University for the next 14 months.  Thank you, Devon, for stepping in to help him find an apartment.

4/6 Terry Robertson and I met with a Chadwicks pastor and his leadership team to discuss their interest in affiliating with the CNYBA. They are very interested. We’ll be hearing more on this soon.

Dan Gowey, Pastor of First Baptist Church in North Utica, and former pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Rome contacted me needing someone to preach while he’s away visiting a new grand baby. Some of you may remember him. Thank you, Lary Hyde, for agreeing to fill in for Dan.

Update on our Mission House - a washer and dryer were installed and are working. Praise the Lord! 

Ed and Lyn Hart are planning to visit NY the end of July and into early August! I spoke with Ed twice recently on the phone and it sounds like he and Lyn are doing fine.  Ed says, “A great part of having moved south is that we have already seen our two daughters more in the last two months than we did in the last several years.”  He also said he's finding interest in the folks down there in coming to CNYBA to help do BYB Clubs or VBS

Lord willing, this Sunday, I'll be preaching at Newark Baptist Fellowship where John DePugh is pastor.  Thank you, John, for the invitation!

God bless you all! I'm praying for you in your great work of serving God and His people. 

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