Trailer Use

Please Contact the Director of Missions to schedule the use of any of the CNYBA trailers or tents.

Block Party Equipment kept in trailer
Popcorn Machine
SnoCone Machine
Cotton Candy Machine w bowl
Bounce House w Blower
Four small tent frames 
Striped small tent covers  (like booth awnings)
Extension Cords
Sound System
Three long tables
Six chairs
Ice Chest
3 Tubs/Totes

We also have two large tents, 20x30, 20x40 (which takes at least ten people to set up). The tents are transported in separate trailers.


CNYBA Block Party Trailer Use Instructions

  • The Trailer requires a 2” trailer hitch ball.
  • Each user is responsible for transportation – make arrangements with the user before you and the user after you.
  • Side door and rear door combination = call Sam Macri for code
  • Trailer hitch key is on a blue lanyard in the plastic bag in the plastic trey on the front right wall.


***Please reload the Block Party Trailer according to these instructions AND in this order.

These instructions are also posted on the inside of the side door of the Block Party Trailer.


 1. Popcorn machine – front end of shelf

2. Snow Cone machine – next (with cardboard between it and the popcorn machine)

3. Cotton Candy machine – next

4. Bounce House Blower – next

· These machines should be lashed to the left wall with the small orange and yellow rope.

5. Four small tent frames in green bags – 2 across and 2 high in front of machines on the shelf

6. Striped small tent covers – folded and on top of frame


7. Grill – on the floor undershelf

8. Extension Cords – on the floor, by the grill, under front of shelf

9. Generator – front left corner (handle pointing out)

10. Sound System in front of Generator – back end tucked behind shelf leg

11. Black & Grey Tub (with loose popcorn packs) – on top of generator

12. Green Tub (with snow-cone flavor bottles) – on top of Black & Grey Tub

13. Cotton Candy Cone boxes – standing upright on the floor between the generator and the front wall

14. Cotton Candy Machine Bowl (in box) – on top of cotton candy cone boxes, between green tub and front wall

15. Three long tables – on edge, on the floor, in the hallway against shelf (pushed all the way to the front wall)

16. Six chairs (in 3 stacks of 2) leaned up against tables

· Tables and chairs lashed to shelf structure with red and white rope

17. Ice Chest – on the floor in hallway between chairs and right wall

18. Black & Yellow Tub (with snow cone cups) – on the floor in the right front corner

19. Cardboard Boxed supplies - stacked on top of black & yellow tub

NOTE: All supplies should be on top of generator or in/on Black & Yellow tub for easy access through the side door.

NOTE: The key to the trailer hitch lock is on a blue lanyard in the plastic bag in the black plastic trey attached to the right front wall inside the trailer.

***Please call the Director of Missions (Sam Macri) when you pick up the trailer and answer the following questions:

1. Were the lights working when you picked up the trailer?

2. Was the trailer re-packed according to the instructions posted on the inside of the side door?

3. Was there anything about the trailer that needs attention when you picked up the trailer?




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