Remembering Elaine

Passed away on December 30, 2021 from Covid.  Elaine worked with BCNY Disaster Relief as North Jersey Coordinator for many years. One of a kind, such a hard worker for the Lord, and now very much missed.  Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.  Psalm 116:15


Bob -- "We only worked with them for three days but she was a very impressive woman.  Even at their age, she and Dennis were right down in the mud with us and worked tirelessly.  Her mind seemed to be always working.  She was a non-stop, can-do, optimistic person!  She didn't say no to anyone who asked for help.  On our last day, Mario and I went with Elaine as she evaluated jobs.  One basement in particular was a disaster and covered with white mold from floor to ceiling.  I've never seen anything like it.  Of course, she said she would help!  She also comforted all the homeowners and prayed with them.  She made sure we had bagels and a coffee maker where we stayed even as she was consumed with her work!  Amazing.  It is a terrible loss for Dennis but a wonderful gain for Elaine and for all of us who trust in Christ.  Amen."